23 May 2024

Introducing Living: A revolutionary story-telling platform

I'm thrilled to announce the early beta release of Living, a revolutionary new platform that lets you turn your life's story into stunning webpages. We're shaking things up in the world of blogging and storytelling, and we can't wait for you to experience it.

Let's be real – traditional blogging can be a real pain. If you have a ton of posts, it's a nightmare to keep them organized. Sure, you can use tags to filter them, but that's a hassle for readers and not all platforms support it. And what about when you're writing a series of posts on a topic, like your travel adventures or career journey? It's tough to keep everything straight for your readers.

That's where Living comes in. We designed our platform with these frustrations in mind. Imagine being able to collect all your posts into virtual "books" based on topic, with each post acting as a chapter. It's a total game-changer for organization and readability. Your readers can dive into a "book" and read chapter by chapter, effortlessly following your story.

Tales and Chapters

You start by creating a "Tale", which is like a virtual book that holds all your related stories together. Think of it as a container for your series of posts on a particular topic. Once you've created your Tale, you can start adding Chapters inside it. And the best part? You get to customize the URL slugs for both your Tale and Chapters, so you can make them easy to remember and share.

Now, when it comes to writing your story, we've got you covered. Our advanced rich-text editor is packed with all the features you need to bring your story to life. And don't worry, we're not stopping here - we'll continue to improve and add new features to our editor over time, so you can focus on what matters most: telling your story.

Lists: Books, Movies, TV Shows

Living is more than just a blogging platform - it's a space to share your passions and interests with the world. Want to showcase your favorite books, movies, or TV shows? You can do that too! Creating lists is a breeze. Just start a new Tale, and when you're ready to add a chapter, choose the "Bookshelf", "Movie List", or "TV Collection" option. Then, as you start typing the name of the book, movie, or show, you'll get suggestions with cover art, author, and year - just select the one you want and add your review in our rich-text editor. It's a great way to share your recommendations with the world and discover new favorites from others.

And the best part? We're just getting started. Right now, you can create lists for books, movies, and TV shows, but we're adding support for more types of lists in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates.

Your own unique subdomain

And here's the cherry on top: your Living page will have its own personal subdomain, and it's going to look super sleek! You'll get to choose from four cool options:

  • username.living.so

  • username.is.living.so

  • username.writing.so

  • username.is.writing.so

These subdomains are more than just a URL - they're a statement. They scream "this is where I'm living my best life" or "this is where my writing journey begins". It's a badge of honor that shows you're part of the Living community, and we can't wait to see what you do with it!

Advanced Page Analytics

But that's not all - after you've published your stories, you'll want to know how they're performing, right? That's where our built-in analytics come in. With Living, you'll get to see how many views each post has gotten, which one's the most popular, and even where your traffic is coming from. You'll be able to dive into the geographical distribution of your traffic, and get a better understanding of your audience.

Our analytics are super easy to use, with an intuitive UI that makes it easy to get the insights you need. And, as an added bonus, our analytics are privacy-focused, so you can rest assured that your readers' privacy is protected. No need to compromise on privacy just to get some insights - we've got you covered. It's a breath of fresh air compared to traditional analytics tools like Google Analytics.


We know that everyone's got their own unique style, and that's why we're giving you the freedom to choose from two amazing themes to make your Living page truly yours. Our default theme is a stunner, and it's designed to adapt seamlessly to your readers' system theme, so it looks great in both light and dark modes.

But if you're feeling bold and vibrant, our second theme, Brutal, is just the ticket. Inspired by Neubrutalism design, it's a colorful and eye-catching option that's sure to make a statement. And don't worry, we're not stopping here - we're working on adding even more themes to the mix, so you'll have even more options to express yourself soon!


Want to add a call-to-action card to your page and drive traffic to an external URL? With our Widgets feature, you can do just that! Our current widget offering includes a customizable call-to-action card, where you can add a title, description, and even tailor the button text to fit your needs.

We're also working on more widgets, like our upcoming Timeline widget. This will let you showcase your work experience or education timeline in a visually engaging way. Stay tuned for its release, and get ready to take your Living page to the next level!

Coming Soon: AI Copilot

We're on the cusp of a writing revolution! Our AI Copilot is coming soon, and it's going to transform the way you publish your story. This innovative tool will make publishing a breeze, helping you craft better stories and even suggesting what to write about next based on your previous work. It's a total game-changer, and we can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned for the AI Copilot's arrival!


Now, let's talk about pricing! The good news is that Living is free to get started, and with our free plan, you'll still get access to .living.so and .is.living.so subdomains. However, if you want to snag a .writing.so or .is.writing.so subdomain, you'll need to upgrade to our Pro subscription.

With the free plan, you can create up to 3 tales with 5 chapters each. But if you need more, our Pro subscription unlocks unlimited tales and chapters. Plus, you'll get premium themes (coming soon), advanced page analytics, early access to our AI Copilot, and the ability to connect your custom domain to your page. Our Pro plan is just $15 per month if you pay annually, or $20 per month if you prefer to pay monthly.

Bonus: Complimentary Pro Subscription

Since we're still in early beta, we need your help to shape the future of Living. As one of our early users, your feedback will be instrumental in building new features and taking our platform to the next level. As a token of our gratitude, we're offering some amazing perks to our early adopters. The first 100 beta users will get a complimentary Pro subscription for a year, and the next 200 users will receive 50% off our Pro subscription for a year. Thanks for being part of our journey!

With Living, you can focus on crafting your narrative, without worrying about the technical bits. We've taken care of the heavy lifting, so you can pour your heart into your writing. So, what are you waiting for? Start telling your story with Living today!"

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